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70% Private 30% Public
Since I tend to write lot of personal stuff I decided it was time to make this journal semi friends only.
So if you're weirdly marveled or interested in other things that aren't my icon and you can tolerate a load of fangirl posts or you want to get to know me this is the perfect post to leave a comment, and say "Hola" or just drop why or how you got here, if we share interests, dunno whatever you want.
My icons are public no need add me just for them ^^
Yep Ms. Kimura Kaela wants to know why too XD.

Because certain person told me this:
Todas las amigas de Deftu son mis friends xD...
guess who the Deftu is and will add you back xD
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Sohee Y=w=Y

baby I'm back

I will properly write a post later...I been out for a while but I'm gonna try to post in LJ as much as I did time ago;)

Anyway I'm sharing this because if I could marry OneWay Chance voice I will do it with any doubt.
When I say I FUCKING LOVE this song I just fucking love it... I'm grinning like an idiot whilelistening this for the 495845840 time.
Sometimes kpop is way more worthy when you find talented people like this guys.

Can't wait to read your thoughs about this song ;D
cheap dancing King Jang Wooyoung

alan is lost in japan xDDD

Because sometimes I don‘t only fangirl over korean or japanese artists or either hot soccer players Last week I found out through his twitter (stalkiiiiiing) that this Musical mexican actor I like a lot has been posting his adventures in youtube been one of the most interesting ones his trip to Japan and how a deer ate his map at Nara while putting a precious face and scolding the deer for eating it “Now I‘m gonna get lost...pouts“

Though I have to confess that while some of the stuff he tapes is interesting dear god Alan you‘re precious but your narrations can be pretty boring xDDDDDDDD.
Though I will share his first clip of him in Tokio he gives pretty nice tips for the travelers well mexican ones xDDD.

Ahhhhhhh Alan why so precious *__*
its GD!

no tengo voz para decirlo, por eso vengo y te lo escribo

I'm so obsessed with this song right now I'm seriously want to slap myself for not knowing the existence of this awesome mexican indie band they seem to have been in the scene for quite a time and what I listened so far I loved it, specially Lo Blondo's voice.
Caught this at my daily guilty pleasure called "Niñas Mal" an MTV soap opera which I must say has a really nice soundtrack.

Oh I forgot :P in case you liked it the band name is Hello Seahorse! and the song name is Bestia. ;D
oh my renja!


As everyone here know me and Eito have been in like we let's call it "break time" period LOL so could someone explain me what the hell is Club8 and the Patch thing and it relation with LIFE I'm seriously LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST.
I sort of get there is ¡the single including the videos of the guys solos but that's just what I got.
Hyung! We're so hot/ DaeTop

that was a big big batch

After 5 months with non activity or either inspiration...the icons are back :D.. seriously finally back.
So enjoy and hope you like them...errr yes you could se my bias are reflected in them hehehe. :P
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this is for niiiiiiiu yok niu yooook

Bias and fandom aside Im effing in love with this dude voice...seriously you suited YG better but hell Im glad he did well with JYP.
Junsu‘s solo for 2PM First Concert ... a sort of adaptation of New York Empire State of mind (love that song)

Excuse me while my fangirl heart I mean youtube rips this solo.
kaela ;3

haciendo icons v.2.0


Yes that iconizing worm inside me came back so expect in a nearly future for icon updates.
As expected it 4 months came through for me to make icons again kekeke
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